Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Talk With God

I look into your eyes & it comes as no surprise 
there is a deep pain
saying God give me the strength to carry on
yes young man, your road is long & hard

but rest assured, God says to thee I hear you plea,
'cause HE said "it's the Same one, MY own son cried out to me"

God then says, Kenneth Chamberlain   I need you to do as HE did
not in man, 
but, by taking my loving hand

You had an earth bound acquaintance who has called on me all night
asking me to PLEASE HELP YOU Kenneth endure this fight.

She looked in MY book & this is what she took
"cause she KNEW right now you NEEDED a piece of ME".
She barely knows you, BUT she's learning much about ME
and how weary this world can make you be.

Keep in mind My Son Jesus' plight, he MADE it so you would know,
my yoke is easy my burden is light, Jesus is here with ME to help you WIN this fight.

We pray that this will help you walk with ME 'cause I am your GOD
put me to work my son I'm ready, I been waiting on your call"
May God give you comfort this morning Kenneth
Recommended Read : James Chapters 2 & 3

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